Gorillas Are Coming To Save Southern Ohio!!!

Ten years ago, having been bitten by a radioactive gorilla, Rick Fink developed strange powers far beyond those of mortal men. Among his new abilities was the power to climb festival scaffolding and jump into crowds of people. All the while, never losing his hat. At first horrified at his overnight transformation (especially his urge to peel bananas with his feet) Fink made a vow to use his newfound Gorillaness only for good. He formed a group of like minded superheroes. Together they would travel far and wide to fight the forces of evil, while entertaining the lowly masses.
They called themselves GAS HOUSE GORILLAS.

Crusher Carmean - Changing from a mild mannered little troglodyte into a kilt wearing foul mouthed avenger by the power of the word "masturbation". Crusher is able to leap medium sized aluminum basses in a couple of tries. Our hero can drive the orneriest heckler to a tearful fetal position with a single quip using his super atomic king sized loud mouth! He also plays the bass.

Seltzer Jim Davis - Millionaire by day, crime fighting sax player by night. You do the math.

Eddie Eggs Everett - Fortified by EGG POWER, Eddie has been on a crusade against evil for more than 3,000 years using powers bestowed by six different gods and heroes, utilizing the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the courage of Achilles and the milk of Magnesia. Oh…he also plays the drums.

Last but not least...

Stu Newman - The true brains of this outfit. Donning his signature lab coat, clipboard in hand, Stu navigates every step of the Gorillas' ongoing crusade against evil promoters and stodgy Swing Nazis, without leaving the confines of the Gorillas' Secret Fortress of Breaking Wind. Um…guitar.

Together they form the Gas House Gorillas.
Wherever there is injustice, you will find them... wherever there is suffering, they will be there... wherever there is a free buffet…well…you know…
Upcoming events

Friday, July 13
8:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Rhythm on the River Concert
Riverside Amphitheatre
Pomeroy, OH

Saturday, July 14
9:00 pm
Liberty Tavern
50 S. Liberty Street, #104
Powell, Ohio

Friday, July 20
12 pm
Syracuse Nationals car show
Syracuse, NY

Saturday, July 21
12 pm
Syracuse Nationals car show
Syracuse, NY

Tuesday, July 24
Opening for Dick Dale
Surf Club
1900 Ocean Ave.
Ortley Beach, NJ

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  • sharon
    this is GREAT! well done!! but, you dont mention Jerry! Where's Jerry?

    this is GREAT! well done!! but, you dont mention Jerry! Where's Jerry?

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