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I AM (and so are you) 

I am a musician, singer/songwriter, performer...Scratch that. I am a human being. (Insert Elephant Man reference here.)   

Most of my life has been spent bolstering other people’s view that I am that first description. It’s been more important to me than almost any other thing short of breathing that my worth be measured by my musical capabilities and how thoroughly I am killing it.  

Artistically speaking and in terms of popularity, looks and status, competing with others who were engaging in the same…

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You go your way, algorithm! 

My friends, I come to you today in need of help. If you could please take a moment and follow my Spotify page, I would be forever in your debt. You see, it’s all about the algorithms, Ladies and Germs. If enough of you simply follow my Spotify profile my algorithm will improve greatly. Then maybe I can buy my mother that house in the country. I thank you. ? 

I'm starting to come out of hibernation and  I am willing, single and ready to mingle! If you know anyone that may be interested in making noise with a…

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Mixing at Super 70 Studio in Beacon, NY! 

In many ways, recording the Gorillas was way easier than recording solo. We all knew what GHG were and the object was to represent that thing sonically. This one's a little trickier. At first my producer, Harley Fine, would ask me for references for sounds and direction and I would pull things from here and there without a clue as to what direction these mixes should take. It's taken me three mixes to get a bead on what this album should sound like. Bruce Springsteen talked about working like the tortoise,…

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Getting closer!!! 

Greetings Gates! 

I have not checked in for a while, so here I am! As of this weekend, we have finished tracking four out of ten songs at Super 70 Studio in Beacon, NY. Sunday and Monday we recorded background vocals, Hammond organ, piano, tambourine, castanets, acoustic and electric guitars, slide guitar, tamboura, and Mellotron. Yay! I still have phone calls to make to some of you nice people. Not an easy one for me, cause I am very shy, believe it or not. I also have one more song to write for a very…

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And so it begins... 

We will begin recording in earnest on Friday! Thank you so much for being such an important part of this project. I will be posting update videos and such as we go. 

There is one small issue, as it turns out, and it's all my fault! In my usual detail oriented style, I forgot to engage the option on my Indiegogo page that would make it possible for you kind folks to provide me with addresses and phone numbers. Duh! I will be sending out a mass email in order to get that info from you guys in the near…

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