A Corny Come On...

(Read the following message out loud in the most annoyingly Caucasian affectation that you can muster. Some of you are already there. No really... Do it. It'll be fun.)
Hey Cats n Kittens,
This Saturday night you'd better put on your glad rags, grab your best gal or guy and hightail it down to the Swing Kat Swing Dance in Pottstown, Pa.
Those way out hep hooligans from NYC the Gas House Gorillas will be swingin' like a rusty gate with the swinginest solid swingitude that ever swung for a bunch of shoe changing swingers! You dig?
Awe, c'mon, Jack. Don't be such a square.
It's gonna be a real gone mellow scene.
Well alreet then, Gates!
All you rugcutters are gonna dig the righteous swingadelia of the swingtatious...
My head hurts.
Bring money.
Buy a t-shirt and behave yourself, ya jerk.
We love you...
Well, some of you. {:8())-

Saturday, November 17
9:00 pm
Swing Kat's Ballroom on High
310 High St
Pottstown, Pennsylvania

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