I AM (and so are you)

I am a musician, singer/songwriter, performer...Scratch that. I am a human being. (Insert Elephant Man reference here.)   

Most of my life has been spent bolstering other people’s view that I am that first description. It’s been more important to me than almost any other thing short of breathing that my worth be measured by my musical capabilities and how thoroughly I am killing it.  

Artistically speaking and in terms of popularity, looks and status, competing with others who were engaging in the same pursuits as your handsome leading man (me) was an awful way to live. Recently, a seemingly obvious idea occurred to me as they not quite so often do.  

Every life has worth. 

I wonder if (like me) any of you other carbon-based life forms have been pondering whether COVID 19, in all of it’s horribleness, could possibly serve as a reminder to us all.  

Maybe we are all incredibly vulnerable and intrinsically tied to each other. Maybe every one of us is of value and we should goddamn start treating each other like we know it. We, the walking meat sacks with a soul inside of the planet Earth, each as ridiculous as the next. All of us making our plans and spinning our webs, to what end?  

Maybe this pandemic could serve as a global pause and a deep breath. Did we really think that the object of this existential puppet show was to win? C’mon. We can do better. Let’s try this: Love your neighbor.  


edited by Brad Wadlow