And so it begins...

We will begin recording in earnest on Friday! Thank you so much for being such an important part of this project. I will be posting update videos and such as we go. 

There is one small issue, as it turns out, and it's all my fault! In my usual detail oriented style, I forgot to engage the option on my Indiegogo page that would make it possible for you kind folks to provide me with addresses and phone numbers. Duh! I will be sending out a mass email in order to get that info from you guys in the near future. Thanks again for your support.  It means the world to me. 

One more wrinkle... If anyone has not and would still like to participate they can! Fortunately, I did remember to use the On Demand option. If you would still like to contribute, you can still visit my page and do so. As a matter of fact, if you would like to contribute and still receive a perk, you can contribute and reach out to me. I will send the perk that you choose that coincides with your contribution value for as long as supplies last. See you soon! 

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