Goodbye to the commercial music industry, hello to the rock stars next door

“The hand of fate has smacked my face and there’s no trace of you” is the emblematic lyric that begins “The Infinite Now & Then,” a solo album by Rick Fink, formerly of Gas House Gorillas. The album is a not-a-wasted-note knockout that mainly traffics in mainstream rock — even the old Lesley Gore hit “It’s My Party” fits in fairly well, though it’s transformed by Fink’s voice, which has a boyish ring but the heft and life-experience of an adult. And an angry one: Fink grabs mainstream pop gestures by the throat and shakes them until they say what he wants them to. And it’s not just with lyrics about the world going to the dogs: malevolently creepy downward chromatic bass lines and other dark-shaded peripheral touches keep his music from being typical.

June 5, 2019 by David Patrick Stearns - Read full article here.