Rick Fink's debut "The Infinite Now & Then" will arrive on May 20th, 2019!


In 2003 Rick Fink started a band with the express purpose of defying category. Early on, the Gas House Gorillas became a virtual who’s-who of the Rockabilly, Swing and Blues community, sort of a wise-guy Jump Blues band from Hell. From the beginning, the band built a solid reputation through constant touring and fearless take-no-prisoners performances.
As the years went by, Rick continued to hone his skills as the main songwriter and the band continued to hone its high-energy Roots Rock approach with a more Punk aesthetic, creating a sound all their own and gaining an ever growing and devoted fan base. Summer 2013 saw the release of Punk Americana on Lanark Records, which became the #1 and #2 most downloaded album in the country, competing against national and international recording artists.

In 2015 the band decided to ditch the horn and become a quartet. The result was an even more muscular musical assault. This configuration of the band went on to record their final album SHUT UP! on Stoopid Brute Records™ in the Summer of 2015. This album showcased the Gorillas’ music at its most eclectic, with strong songwriting contributions from bass player Crusher Carmean and guitarist Oscar Rodriguez. Big Band Swing, Rockabilly Rave Ups, Hard Core Punk and even sweet Pop music stand side by side on this one. GHG continued to tour throughout the next couple of years, culminating with their first European trip in the Summer of 2017. After almost 15 years the band decided to call it quits in the fall of 2017.

It's 2018 and Rick has begun working in earnest on what will be his first solo recording...  THE INFINITE NOW & THEN

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