Gorillas for sale

Gorillas for sale: Yes, they play weddings, and in between swingin’ from the chandeliers The Gas House Gorillas rock such shirtsleeves establishments as Asbury’s Wonder Bar.
Their name may have been lifted wholesale from a vintage Bugs Bunny toon, but Rick Fink and the Gorillas have always been very serious about their music — well, not really serious per se, but they do manage to hit the right notes in between genre-busting their loutishly rollicking way through the beer gardens, bandstands and banquet halls (yes, they do weddings) of what’s fast becoming a pretty wide piece of territory. In fact, after tonight’s late-summer slam down at Lance and Debbie’s landmark lounge, the tireless party pushers won’t be back Shoreside until October, so before these Gorillas recede into the mist we recommend you get your fix of “Jump Blues, Gypsy Swing, early Rock & Roll, Cajun music and even the occasional funk groove,” all for a ridiculously recession-busting bargain-basement cover of five bucks. What, you’d rather pay a hundred dollars to doze off to Chicago at the Pee ‘N See? Get your kaslopis down here and enjoy an evening of entertainment that’s easily worth tenfold the ticket.

- Red Bank Orbit (Aug 28, 2009)