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In 2003 Rick Fink started a band with the express purpose of defying category. Early on, the Gas House Gorillas became a virtual who’s-who of the Rockabilly, Swing and Blues communities, sort of a wise-guy Jump Blues band from Hell. The band continued to hone its high-energy Roots Rock approach with a more Punk aesthetic, creating a sound all their own and gaining an ever growing and devoted fan base through constant touring. 

In 2013 their Punk Americana album became the #1 and #2 most downloaded album in the country, competing against national and international recording artists. 

In 2015 the band released their final album SHUT UP! on Stoopid Brute Records™. This album showcased the Gorillas’ music at its most eclectic. GHG continued to tour throughout the next couple of years, culminating with their first European trip in the Summer of 2017. After almost 15 years the band decided to call it quits in the fall of that year. 

In the aftermath, Rick realized that his songwriting had become way more Fountains of Wayne than Horton Heat.  

Once the dust had settled on his band’s demise, Rick and producer Harley Fine began working in earnest at Super 70 Studio in Beacon, NY on what would be the singer songwriter's first solo recording. The results were a breezy blast of Power Pop and Rock n Roll with sweet harmonies, edgy lyrics and a touch of 70's Glam.  


That was only the beginning.  It was time for Rick to return to performing and not wanting to repeat himself, he decided the time had come to pursue his once forgotten dream of playing solo. But what would that entail? True to his Rock & Punk roots and his lifelong love of the back beat, Rick started experimenting with ways to add percussion to his uber agro approach to strumming his acoustic guitar.  


The first drum was built with a neighbor out of a vintage tweed grip. 

His next one was built by a Texas company called Pan American Drums and was a considerable step up with an actual 16” kick drum. 

After months of woodshedding, Rick was beginning to perform live again when the pandemic hit. 

He decided to use the year-long shutdown as an opportunity to get really good at this one man band thing. He began referring to his new high energy musical concoction as SUITCASE PUNK. With no live shows to play, live streams and performance videos became a regular part of Rick’s effort to stay engaged with an audience. You can find them all on his YouTube page

As we emerge from a time that has been thoroughly tough for performing musicians, to say the least, we are starting to put some dates on the calendar and our goal is an eventual return to our road dog roots...one show at a time. 

The Rick Fink One Man Band will fit any stage, large or small. Festival, club, back yard, or living room (we love house concerts). We’re bringing SUITCASE PUNK to the masses! Won’t you join us?

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