Independance Weekend!!!

This weekend The Gas House Gorillas will be celebrating the birth of our sacred nation with a fervor that would make Thomas Jefferson curl up in a fetal position and weep like a little school girl.

Thrill to… Read more

Summer Haiku...


In honor of the first day of Summer I have composed a little haiku.

Gas House Gorillas.
Roxy and Dukes on Friday.
Better than porno.

Gorillas' Holiday Weekend!

"Don't hate me because I'm sexy."

Join your Gorillas as they make memorial day weekend memorable! Jerry is bringing his chicken!

Friday night promises to be our usual barn burner at New Jersey's only jook joint The Robin's… Read more

Celebrate the end times with your Gorillas!

Pack your bags, brothers & sisters! The Rapture is here!!! And what will God's favorite Rhythm & Blues band be doing when the end of the world comes this weekend??? The only thing we know how to do, Methuselah.… Read more


Hello to all of our Gorilla friends!  Welcome to our brand new website.  This is where you can check in from time to time just to see what God's favorite Rhythm & Blues band are up to.  You could download…Read more