GHG local shows!

  Just back from a successful tour with the Blasters, your Gorillas invite you to keep abreast of their shenanigans by taking a gander at their Video Travel Log. See the mighty Gas House Gorillas in all of their… Read more

Gas House Gorillas & The Blasters!

In about a week, your Gorillas will be heading out on the road with the Blasters. We are honored to be opening for this legendary band.  Get your tickets now!!!

Wednesday, September 3rd at 8 pm
Rumba Cafe
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Sell our stuff!!!

Your Gorillas are looking for individuals who would be interested in selling Gorilla merch at our shows. We need a highly motivated fan with skills to pay the bills. We have a slight preference for those of you who have…Read more

Yo' gate, what's the word from the herd?

Hey all you Kats and Kittens out there in Lindy Land,
It's time for y'all to swing on down to that swingin' little hamlet known as Pottstown, PA for a swingin' time with the swinginest cats to ever swing a… Read more

A Gorilla is born!

Ladies and Degenerates,
Today marks an important event  in the annals of Gorilladom. A day like no other before or since. For you see, Gorilla Friends, today was the day that the greatest saxophone player on the face of… Read more

Gas House Gorillas' ode to Spring!!!

Ah...Spring...There is no season that warms the cockles of our giddy little Gorilla hearts quite like that sassy little elusive temptress known as Spring.
Oh...and lilacs...we Gorillas love us some lilacs.
This Saturday we will combine these two perennial symbols… Read more