Watch and share the new GHG music video then head to Asbury Park on Friday! Can ya do that, Campers???

Hello Friends,

We here at Gas House Gorillas are just so dawg on happy to bask in the glow of you nice people that we went and recorded a music video just for you. That is, with the help of our good friends at Lemon Fresh Bastards. (For your information, I'm smiling one of those big fake used car salesmen smiles right now.) we recorded this frikkin' thing, we get done and it suddenly occurs to us.... Where the f@#*k are we gonna show this f@#*king thing? MTV??? Don't make me laugh. VH1? Ha! They suck!
No, the only thing to do was to reach out to you, our trusted friends. 'Cause the one thing that we can be sure of is the fact that Gorilla fans are the greatest fans on the face of the earth!
Okay, now that we have kissed your backside, I will tell you what we need from you.
We would like you to visit our YouTube link, watch the video, click like, leave a nice comment, share said video with EVERYBODY ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH!!!  Is that too much to ask? We hope not.  Aaaaaand...GO!!!


Friday, April 25th @ 8:00 pm
with Lara Hope & The Ark-Tones!
Wonder Bar
5th & Ocean Ave.
Asbury Park, NJ

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