Swing Dancers, this is your night...


Swing Dancers. Two words that inspire a whole array of feelings. We here at GHG happen to have a great affinity for our swinging brethren and sisteren. As a matter of fact, we appreciate that whole whacky crazy swing dancer culture. Some find it cult like, but not your Gorillas. We think it's precious. As American as Jim Nabors and pork rinds. When they start speaking in colorful "swing jive" colloquialisms such as, "Beat me, Daddy, with a big fat stick," or "What you talkin' 'bout, Willis"…hahaha…Well, we think that's just great. We also love those totally hep swing fashions, with the men all decked out in their spats and  frilly underwear, or the ladies looking resplendent in their high top sneakers and head gear. We also dig all those amazing steps the swing kids are doing these days, such as the Hesitation, the Spastic Colon and the Lindy Loo. Amazing. This Saturday is just for you, Swing Dancers. Your Gorillas love you long time. 

Saturday, November 15th @ 7:30 pm
Ballroom On High
310 E High St
Pottstown, Pennsylvania 19464

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