Smiley's Forecast #2

Oh, boy. Gee wizz. Golly hell. Holy fuck. I'm 25 already.

The Gas House Gorillas surpassed its $10,000 Indiegogo Campaign toward our upcoming album "SHUT UP!" (#SHUTUP, thank you) thanks to friends, family, fans, and a handful of more things that start with "F." We're already digging through long days of mixing, carefully dialing in decibel by decibel, making microincision-like adjustments, and breaking for hoagies - every penny accounted for and working hard.

First, we breezed through laying down the 14 (or was it 15?) tracks of SHUT UP live in just under 5 hours. Then it off to overdubs and bounces. We clocked thirty hours during the first three-day streak of studio time and getting through it was absolutely moment to moment, fueled only by pure adrenaline, passion, and hoagies. After those three days, going home felt strange. The world was different. I asked myself, "why am I not in a studio? I thought I always in a studio?"

When I finally came down, I realized what had happened. We'd created something beyond words. Something worth remembering. Something worth sharing. Those three days marked the most impactful musical experience of my - thus far - short life. Rick, Crusher, and Eddie - sometimes when I step away from myself, I can't believe how my life was spun to bring me so close to the most dynamic, inspired, manic, and human brothers on the face of the Earth (I'm thinking about you, too, Jim!). With the help of the wildly disciplined yet encouraging members of Big Beat, the enthusiasm, care, and talent of Adam Vaccarelli of Retromedia Sound Studios, and the old-school touch of Raphael D'Lugoff, we were able to ice our blood-and-boils-cake to perfection. But there's still a ways to go!

For now, we must return to the stage to celebrate the first of our victories. We're playing at Hat City Kitchen in Orange, NJ this Friday at 8pm. (Yeah, this was an ad the entire time.) It's a free show so come on out!


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