Smiley's Forecast #1

The upcoming Gas House Gorillas album has been a long time coming. 2014 to 2015 saw some dynamic changes in the band's affairs that were, at first glance, somewhat intimidating. However, time and practice allowed the breadth of a new outlook to settle into focus and showed us how fresh and alive our new circumstances truly were. Now, we're finally ready to let fans take the one-two-rock-thrashing home so we can spill our guts all over their living room carpets. We've dragged some of these new tunes all over the country, testing them out on unsuspecting listeners and weathering them into the raucous bastards they are now. So when we hit the studio this June, it'll be up to us to capture that unbridled, manic punk essence on tape and keep fans raging in their cars and on the dance floor for years to come.


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