Rick's Rant #1

I almost missed my opportunity to contribute this week, but here I am, Folks! I would like to thank every person who came out to play on our excursion to a far off land called Colorado, where the weather changes drastically by the second. A magical place where outdoor shows get moved inside, then outside, then inside again. A place where trailers get busted, sleep deprivation makes us loopy and the show must go on! Seriously, thank you to all of the big hearted people who hosted us, supported us and came to our rescue when we needed help, keeping your Gorillas on the road.
Great shows and great people! We'll be back!

Omaha, or more specifically, patrons and staff of the 21st Saloon…What can I say? You are the wind beneath our wings. Yes, our trailer broke down again on the way to the show. Yes, Crusher had to perform with greasy knees as a result. Yes, the man at the front desk at our hotel kept giving Eddie Eggs money every time he passed by. Yes, he went as high as a buck fifty when Eddie obviously was not giving him some unspoken thing that he wanted. Yes, yes, yes!!! In spite of (or because of) all that, your Gorillas had the pleasure of playing a rousing set for some of the sweetest people on the planet! And let us not forget…
Killer. We WILL see you soon, Omaha.

Then came the twenty hour drive to NJ.
Piece of cake.

We got our required three hours of sleep and then rocked the Kiddy Stage at the very un-Rock & Roll hour of 11 am at Micheal Arnone's Crawfish Festival in Augusta, NJ. Despite the hour, your Gorillas had the pleasure of rocking the faces off of a great crowd that included a healthy number of Gorilla fans as well as a smattering of newbies (a.k.a new Gorilla fans)!
This is one of the best festivals on the planet and the Gas House Gorillas where honored to be a part of it.

This week we are coming to Ohio and Pennsylvania.
See you soon!

Yer pal,

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