Gorillas for sale

Gorillas for sale: Yes, they play weddings, and in between swingin’ from the chandeliers The Gas House Gorillas rock such shirtsleeves establishments as Asbury’s Wonder Bar.
Their name may have been lifted wholesale from a vintage Bugs Bunny toon, but…

From "Friends of the Blues"

How is album cover art related to the music contained in the CD? No simple answer to that one is there? When the cover is a cartoon of a rowdy bar scene with patrons ranging from passed-out-on-the-bar to gorgeous hunk…

You just can't keep good gorillas down.

You just can't keep good gorillas down. Mighty Joe Young had several hits, King Kong keeps coming back, and now, THE GAS HOUSE GORRILAS have returned. Unlike those former famous gorillas, whose first hits were their best, "FIVE GORILLAS WALK…