From Up Around the Bend

...And A Partridge In A Pear Tree

Thursday evening, December 15th, found fans and first-timers crowding into the festively decorated Court Street Grill with familial Christmas spirits in tow. Visiting Pomeroy for the fourth time, New York jump blues band…Read more

Interview: Gorillas are Cooking with Gas

Gorillas, Gorillas for sale: Rick Fink and his Gas House Gorillas will bring their well-oiled olio of “Jump Blues, Gypsy Swing, early Rock ‘n Roll, Cajun music and even the occasional funk groove” anywhere that’ll have them, be it a…Read more

The Gas House Gorillas are jumping around Jersey

Rick Fink is generally a rather amiable guy. But there's one sure-fire way to rile him: Call The Gas House Gorillas, the musical act he founded, a "swing band.''

"Those are fighting words,'' Fink says. Although he's joking about the…Read more

GLT Summer Concert delights fans downtown

Rick Fink, lead singer for The Gas House Gorillas, rocked the stage with a black suit, suspenders and a slick black fedora. He wailed lyrics and jumped all over the stage, riling the crowd and keeping up the intense energy…Read more

WGLT headliner promises swinging time

Any group that takes its name from a Bugs Bunny cartoon, packs a Marx Bros. tune in its repertoire and is "God's favorite rhythm & blues band" can't be all bad, can it?

That's the insurance policy attached to any…Read more

You know, for a bunch of apes...

You know, for a bunch of apes fronted by a Fink, the Gas House Gorillas are pretty trustworthy when it comes to bringing their musical hot menu to any venue, be it a sawdust-floored saloon or one of the swanky…Read more

Remember the swing revival...

Remember the swing revival? Bands like Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies and several dozen others you never heard about? Well, the Gas House Gorillas put a slightly tougher, more rockin’ spin on that whole jump-blues-meets-rockabilly sound…Read more

Review: Five Gorillas Walk Into a Bar...

The Gas House Gorillas
"Five Gorillas Walk Into a Bar..."
This is what a popular culture roadmap might sound like. Find the jump-blues freeway, cut down the swing off-ramp, follow the rock'n'roll backroad and keep that radio at top volume…Read more

JUMPIN' & JIVIN': Retro rockers brighten the Brighton Bar

Retro rockers brighten the Brighton Bar

His campaigns have rallied the likes of "Jumpin' Joe" and "Texas Tommy." His Golden Era-inspired vision has incited coast-to-coast crowds to celebrations of Dionysian proportions.

Rick Fink's mission, however, has nothing to do with…Read more

Yeah! The Gorillas are back!

I caught these guys last year at The Red Bank Blues & Jazz Fest, and they were... AMAZING! They took a sedate crowd and brought them to a fever pitch, especially when bassist Crusher Carmean jumped off the stage with…Read more