Bam! Hits you right between the eyes, this one. I mean a proper, full-on swinging punch of an opener in ‘Cookin’ With Gas’, with its doo-wop kiss-me-quick harmonies, full-fat horn section, whammy-bar lead guitar, thumping, jumping, finger-clicking double bass, and…


Shut Up!  (Stoopid Brute Records)

Another daft name for a band, this time comprising Rick Fink on lead vocals, Crusher Carmean on bass, Oscar Rodriguez on guitar and Eddie Everett on drums.  
There’s is an interesting sound, as at heart they’re a jump blues band.…


Swingin' for the bleachers

Gas House Gorillas - Shut Up! 

Rick Fink and co. have always succeeded at translating their boundless live-show exuberance to studio waxings. So the hand-clapping/foot-stomping audio acrobatics here come as no surprise (though they are wonderfully welcome). The band's inimitable…


This Crazy Culture That Is "Rockabilly"

"The Gorillas have their own unique twist on things. From Crusher Carmean, in a kilt, shredding the upright bass to their one of a kind front man, a gifted throw back from times gone by Rick Fink."

Rich Beaumont -…

JAZZ FEST 2013, Day 8

But for me, the night belonged to New York City’s Gas House Gorillas, who absolutely nailed the frenzied audience to the ceiling at Abilene. It was a punked-up and energized controlled catastrophe in the sprit of Louis Jordan wielding a…

Gas House Gorillas take music to the extreme

The Gas House Gorillas' need to involve the audience in their music is nearly primal.

"Our show is kind of unhinged," said lead singer and founding member Rick Fink. "You never know what's going to happen."

Fink fronts the band…

The Gas House Gorillas take jump-blues in a new direction...

The Gas House Gorillas take jump-blues in a new direction, mixing in various influences. The band has no interest in adhering to 1950's conventions.

So, five gorillas walk into a bar... But seriously folks, five guys from Brooklyn walk into…

You'd have to be bananas to miss their concert.

Band describes music as 'mish-mash' of different styles
The next time the Gas House Gorillas come swinging into a venue near you, you'd have to be bananas to miss their concert.

Music and ape references aside for a moment, the…

Gas House Gorillas: It's an absolute blast

If Cab Calloway, Freddy Mercury, Illinois Jacquet and Johnny Ramone started a garage band, it might sound something like the Gas House Gorillas. This intensely energetic six-piece from Brooklyn, N.Y., know how to put on a show that will get…

Gas House Gorillas at "Rhythm on the River"

The Gas House Gorillas performed at "Rhythm on the River" in Pomeroy, Ohio, on Friday, July 13, marking the third performance of this year’s series.
The Pomeroy Blues and Jazz Society, headquartered at the historic Court Street Grill, has hosted…

Feeling the Glow

A trail of trees lay broken like so many jilted lovers who dared to dance with the dashing and despicable derecho as it wrested through our area recently, leaving many people without electricity for a week or more. Dark anxiety…