JUMPIN' & JIVIN': Retro rockers brighten the Brighton Bar

Retro rockers brighten the Brighton Bar

His campaigns have rallied the likes of "Jumpin' Joe" and "Texas Tommy." His Golden Era-inspired vision has incited coast-to-coast crowds to celebrations of Dionysian proportions.

Rick Fink's mission, however, has nothing to do with politics.

The Brookyln bandleader fronts the jump-blues group Gas House Gorillas, and on Saturday he and his self-proclaimed maestros of "mirth, melody and mayhem" will headline Brighton Avenue's most swinging barrelhouse, the Brighton Bar.

Combining such styles as jump blues, gypsy swing, classic rock, Cajun dance and early funk, Gorillas' shows have been known to at any moment break into frenzies of vintage maneuvers including the Coaster Step, the Texas Tommy, the Princess Dip and the recent Princess offshoot, The Jumpin' Joe.

Formed in 2002, the Gas House Gorillas — whose name was inspired by a Bugs Bunny cartoon — draws from the well of such greats as Wynonie Harris, Gene Autry, Sam Cooke, Cab Calloway and Elvis Presley.

The band, currently comprising Fink, guitarist Hiro Suzuki, drummer Dan Hickey, upright bassist Crusher Carmean and saxophonist Tim Veeder, released its latest full-length, "Five Gorillas Walk Into a Bar . . ." earlier this year.

By Stephen Bove • Staff Writer • September 26, 2008 - Asbury Park Press (Sep 28, 2008)