GLT Summer Concert delights fans downtown

Rick Fink, lead singer for The Gas House Gorillas, rocked the stage with a black suit, suspenders and a slick black fedora. He wailed lyrics and jumped all over the stage, riling the crowd and keeping up the intense energy of each song. Renowned guitarist Dean Shot wowed the crowd with solos and screaming guitar riffs, showing off his versatile ability to switch between blues, rock and swing easily.

On the upright bass, Jerry “Chicken” Scaringe kept the beat along with drummer Angelo Merendino and kept the crowd entertained with a huge smile on his face through every song.

Tenor sax player James White kept the jazz spirit alive with his instrument and steady rhythm.

Jason Kolucki, of KMF Productions, talked about the Gorillas’ stage performance and interaction.

“[Their performance is] very high energy, very swinging, a mix of jump blues, rock and swing … they’re very interactive. They’re very much a group that gets out there and puts their heart and soul into every performance that they do,” he explained.

The Gas House Gorillas have shows coming up in Atlantic City, Chicago and Cleveland right after the Summer Concert.

With the Gorillas busy schedule it is quite a treat for local fans to experience them live in concert. Concertgoers owe thanks to several local businesses and, of course, GLT for putting on such a great show.

Alyssa Siegele, Daily Vidette Editor in Chief - Daily Vidette (Jun 16, 2010)