Travelling Road-Dawg GoRillas!


Greetings Slackjaw!

Once again your Gorillas are loading up the Gorilla Mobile and heading out on the open road in search of fun and adventure!
This time out we have spared no expense, Ladies and Genitals.
Just look!
We've got the affable and genteel Seltzer Jim Davis (our designated driver).
If that doesn't melt your butter, we've got the tenacious terminator of frowning faces, Jerry "the chicken" Scaringe (our designated drinker).
Well, check this out, Sadsack...
You would be wise to thrill to the melodious musical meanderings of one Dean Shot (our designated activity coordinater).
I'm not done yet!!!
We have the enigmatic yet punctual Noel Sagerman (our designated new guy) to put a little bounce in your gait, Gate!
And as if all of that wasn't enough to get you hot under your knickers...
Top it all off with the cacophonous warblings of Dr. Rick Fink (our designated designator).
It's going to be off the hook, Matilda!
So we hope to see many of you out there, with a thesaurus in one hand and an alchoholic beverage in the other.


Thursday, July 7
9:00 pm
Martyrs': 3855 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, Illinois

Friday, July 8
7:00 pm
Jim Porter's
2345 Lexington Rd, Louisville, Kentucky

Saturday, July 9
9:00 pm
The Trouser Mouse
625 NE Mock Ave., Blue Springs, MO

Sunday, July 10
8:00 pm
Casa Loma Ballroom
3354 Iowa Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri

Thursday, July 14
9:00 pm
Reggie's Music Joint
2105 South State Street, Chicago, Illinois
Your Gorillas will be appearing with their pals The Krank Daddies!!!

Friday, July 15
8:00 pm
2011 Rhythm on the River
Riverside Amphitheater: Pomeroy, Ohio

Friday, July 15
9:00 pm
Court Street Grill
112 Court Street, Pomeroy, Ohio

Saturday, July 16
9:00 pm
812 Huron Rd. E., Cleveland, Ohio

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