Please help your Gorillas to complete the story! {:8( ))-

Be a part of the Gas House Gorillas Travel Log series finale! Help us piece together the story of our tour! We want to see any videos or photos you might’ve shot during our set opening for The Blasters to potentially appear in the Travel Log finale. Here’s how you can submit:

1) Send your video or photos to during 9/22-10/3. Any quality is fine, any file format works.

2) Check back on our website Youtube Channel for the finale episode on 10/9.

3) If you see your footage in the video or yourself in the audience, tag yourself and leave us a comment! Share your video with a friend so they can see what you’ve made!

Disclaimer: Submission of any materials to grants us permission to include said materials in our travel log finale episode. Although not all submissions will be utilized, all submissions will be credited within the final episode.

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