He's baaaaaaaac​k!

We begin this week's newsletter by paying tribute to the man, the myth, the slippery chicken, Jerry Scaringe. During his short tenure with us, Jerry has been the backbone of our little organization. In that time he has worked hard, played hard and provided us with more laughs than most anyone we have ever worked with. If you have not done so, we implore you to check out his band the Slippery Chickens. Godspeed, Jerry. May your feathers never be ruffled and may you always remain a free-range chicken!

That brings us to our next piece of business.

There have been many great duos in the pantheon of popular culture. Lennon and McCartney. Simon and Schuster. Damon and Runyon. Tom and Jerry. Fred and Ethel. Son of Sam and...well...Sam!
The list goes on, my furry friends.
Check that list and you will find another legendary partnership.
A partnership of the greatest magnitude.
A partnership forged in the hearts of the teeming masses and forever immortalized by the immortality of the immensely immortal talent of these mortals.

On that list...NAY!...AT THE TOP OF THAT LIST you will find the names CRUSHER and RICK.

Well, actually Rick and Crusher has a better ring, but I digress...

That's right Gorilla fans...God is in His heaven...the Yankees reside in the Bronx and...


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