Happy New Year!

Ladies and Genitals,

If any of our dear friends out there signed up for this newsletter a long time ago and you are just receiving your first one now...
I will not lie to you...
That's right, People. It takes a big man to admit responsibility, and I plan to do just that. Right here and now.

You see...it was all Crusher's fault.
He told me not to include you! I wanted to desperately! He wouldn't let me! Such a cruel heartless bastard! Imagine depriving one such as yourself the chance to connect with the greatest band on the face of the earth, the Gas House Gorillas!
He is an evil monster!!! A vile contemptible ogre!
Now, if you talk to him I'm sure he'll say something like, "Rick forgot to enter your info."

Yeah right. Like I would ever do THAT.

It's a lie!!! A loathsome fabrication from a desperate cretin with a Napoleon complex!

Okay...I did forgot some of you.

All of you actually.

Shut up.

Saturday, January 19th @ 6:00pm
Brick Township High School
346 Chambers Bridge Road Brick, NJ 08723

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