GHG local shows!

Just back from a successful tour with the Blasters, your Gorillas invite you to keep abreast of their shenanigans by taking a gander at their Video Travel Log. See the mighty Gas House Gorillas in all of their unruly glory from the comfort of your very own domicile! You don't even have to get dressed.  That's right, you could be naked eating a corn dog and still enjoy witnessing the intestinal fortitude of your Gorillas as they motor from city to city, bringing joy to the masses with their hip contemporary Christian sound! 

Not only that... After you've showered and put something on, you little tramp, you can experience the transcendent thrill of a live Gas House Gorillas' show!!! TWICE!!!

Aren't you glad we're back?

Saturday, September 20th @ 9 pm
Club Capri
5301 Bristol Emilie Rd.
Levittown, PA 19057

Sunday, September 21st @ 12 pm
Valenzano Winery
1320 Indian Mills Road
Shamong, NJ

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