Gas House Gorillas' ode to Spring!!!

Ah...Spring...There is no season that warms the cockles of our giddy little Gorilla hearts quite like that sassy little elusive temptress known as Spring.
Oh...and lilacs...we Gorillas love us some lilacs.
This Saturday we will combine these two perennial symbols of blooming Springtime bliss as The Gas House Gorillas raise a ruckus in the name of Spring!!!
There will be no snow this Saturday, Boys and Girls. There will be no wind chill factor.
There will be no F#@%ING ICE on the F#@%ING GROUND!!!

There may be a little rain in the forecast, but I digress…

Please come and celebrate the glorious splendor of that meteorological benchmark known the world over as Spring.
Welcome home, you rejuvenating little hussy!
That is to say…now that you have finally sprung.
Saturday, May 10th @ 5 pm
Rochester Lilac Festival
Highland Park
Rochester, NY 14620

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