Gas House Gorillas bring the love!!!

Love (deep sigh)…
Is there anything more romantical? "Nay" is what we say. We here at Gas House Gorillas Inc. consider Valentine's Day to be one of the most gosh darn heartwarming times of the year. Aristotle once said, " Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies." But that's just stupid.We say, "Love is a Gas House Gorillas' show at Wonder Bar!"
Yes Ladies and Gerbils… We would like to give all of our fans out there in Gorillaland a big sloppy kiss on the mouth, but since that is not a possibility (Jim has a cold sore) we will instead pummel your meager consciousness with a funtastic night of maniacally musical high jinks and mirth. Does anybody remember laughter?
We love you. Won't you be our Valentine?

Saturday Night, February 8th @ 9:30 pm
Wonder Bar
1213 Ocean Avenue 
Asbury Park, New Jersey 07712

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