Dance to da Gorillas in Pottstown & Glen Echoo..

Next Friday (11/21) will be the scariest night of your entire adult life!!! Not only will you witness a spooky spectacular night of music and mayhem from those laughing ghouls from Hell The Gas House Gorillas...You will come face to face with some of the most frightening looking creeps you have ever seen!!! Good thing most of them will be wearing masks. If that doesn't scare you, we might just have Jerry take his teeth out! Eeeeeew...I know, right?

As for this weekend...Please strap on your dancing moccasins and join us for two (count 'em) Swing dances!!! Read on, Dracula...

Upcoming events

Friday, October 14
9:00 pm
Swing Kat's Ballroom on High
310 High St, Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Saturday, October 15
9:00 pm
Glen Echo Park Bumper Car Pavilion
Glen Echo, MD
Glen Echo Gotta Swing Dance

Wednesday, October 19
7:00 pm
Robin's Nest Rhythm And Blues: 3103 Tremley Point Road, Linden, New Jersey

Friday, October 21
9:00 pm
Gas House Gorillas' 1st Annual Halloween Bash!!!
Wonder Bar: 1215 Ocean Ave, Asbury Park, New Jersey

Saturday, October 22
9:00 pm
The Steer Inn
10514 Racetrack Rd # H, Berlin, Maryland

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