Bringing the Spring to Virginia and Delaware...

Passover has come and Easter will soon be here...
And the Gas House Gorillas will be rockin' ass for Holy Week in Virginia and Delaware!
These two places have not seen near enough of your Gorillas for quite some time.
Don't just sit at home waiting for the angel of death.
We will be having fun of a biblical proportion!
Good Friday will now be GREAT Friday.
And Saturday will be SPECTACULAR something or get the picture.

One final morsel to tempt the more cynical among you...

The Easter Bunny will be with us...that's right the Easter Bunny...a.k.a...Eddie Everett....He IS the Easter Bunny...ssshhhhh!
It's a secret, though I do think that the socks are a dead giveaway.

Do I need to draw you a diagram, Lazarus?


Friday, March 29th @ 9 pm
Blue 5
312 2nd Street Southwest
Roanoke, VA, 24011

Saturday, March 30th @ 9:30 pm
Bethany Blues
18385 Coastal Highway
Lewes, DE 19958

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