A Valentine sonnet from your Gorillas...

Take this kiss upon thy brow,
And, in parting from you now,
Thus me sayeth forsooth! and how.
If the milk is free, why buy the cow?

I do not know what scuttling means,
Across the floors of silent seas.
As Crusher's kilt hangs on the breeze.
With nary a trace of flies or fleas.

Unto Thee mine eyes did see,
The nightingale doth sing off key,
Of Hershey's kisses, scones and tea.
And big fat ladies on trampolines.

Comes the pallid and reluctant moon,
Hides the sun in evening's anteroom.
The stars get baked and watch cartoons.
Come see the Gorillas you big baboon!

Thank you.

Friday, February 10
9:00 pm
Robin's Nest Rhythm And Blues
3103 Tremley Point Road, Linden, NJ

Saturday, February 11
9:00 pm
For Love and Boobies
Benefit Show For Breast Cancer
Club Capri : 5301 Bristol-Emilie Rd., Levittown, Pa

Sunday, February 12
1:00 pm
It's somebody's birthday! Sssshhhhh!
Not invited? Sucker!
Private Event
Dunellen, NJ

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  • Tom Musto
    Tom Musto
    "Big Fat ladies on trampolines"?....That sounds dangerous!

    "Big Fat ladies on trampolines"?....That sounds dangerous!

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