A sad confession from a Gas House Gorilla...

Dear Friends,
We have been through much together and I have always thought of each and every one of you as...well...family. With that in mind, I have decided that the time has come for yours truly to come clean, as it were. To give you fans a small glimpse into the psyche of one Rick Fink. I'm sure that you are all thinking about what a brave choice this was for one such as myself to make, and you would be right. The thing is, I'm doing this for all of the youngsters out there. That they might learn a thing or two from their old Uncle Rick. A thing or two about honor and character...About bravery and selflessness. With that in mind...

The formation of this band was nothing more than a pathetic attempt by an insecure little insect to be recognized as something more than the insignificant weasel that he himself knew himself to be. A cry for recognition from a tiny weak willed narcissistic worm, without the backbone to stand up on his own two feet and proclaim, "I am!" A cold weak-kneed sideshow freak, without any firsthand knowledge or experience of love and respect from a fellow human being. A deadbeat, user, douche-bag, low life slug who couldn't get attention from the opposite sex if he were to enter a brothel with a thousand bucks sticking out of his ear. A loser, cretin, ugly flake with a Jesus complex...
The kind of jerk who would mix metaphors in a Gas House Gorillas' newsletter.

I'm kidding of course.

I'm a Goddamn good lookin' man!!!

You know I'm right, Bitches!

C'mon out and see for yourselves.

Friday, June 8
8:00 pm
Third & Walnut
43 W 3rd St, Lansdale, PA

Saturday, June 9
7:00 pm
Ocean Pines Yacht Club
Ocean Pines, MD

Sunday, June 10
6:00 pm
Wonder Bar
1215 Ocean Ave, Asbury Park, New Jersey
Special Sunday show! Somebody tell Crusher's mom that he wasn't lying! Well...not about this...

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