A plea for sanity in a time of indifference...

The voice of Sally Struthers:

"Each night, little Emanuel is forced to sleep on a bed of rusty nails in a tiny shoebox after being fed a meal of broken glass and scrap metal. He is beaten several times a day with a tire iron when he is not being kicked around the house like some sort of yelping soccer ball. His eyes are considered a delicacy in places like Staten Island and so will be plucked from his adorable little skull to be sold on the black market. Those ears will make a fine pair of ashtrays for some upper crust fish head with a keen eye for the finer things and a hacking cough that would make Lucille Ball cringe. Look at that sad dejected little fella...sniff...(voice quivering)…what kind of a selfish depraved cretin would allow this innocent to come to such harm? You CAN make a difference, you know. If you will just click "like" on the Gas House Gorillas' Facebook page...I promise not to do any of those things to this dog.
Hurry up...
I might change my mind.

Upcoming events

Friday, September 21
8:00 pm
Dundalk Moose Lodge : 2800 Sollers Point Rd, Dundalk, Maryland

Friday, September 28
9:00 pm
Liberty Tavern
50 S. Liberty Street, #104, Powell, Ohio

Saturday, September 29
8:00 pm
Blue 5
312 2 nd St., Roanoke, VA

Sunday, September 30
12:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Jersey Fresh Wine Festival
Burlington County Fairgrounds : Rt. 206, Springfield Twp, New Jersey

Sunday, October 7
6:00 pm
The Blue Comet: 106 S. Easton Rd., Glenside, PA

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