A Gorilla Tribute to Jimi...

70 years old today and still dead.

Had he lived he'd have probably performed a medley with Christina Aguilera and Furgie at the Superbowl halftime show.
They would have kicked it off with a gorgeous rendition of "Beautiful". Following with "Let Me Stand Next to your Fire", featuring the Foo Fighters and a rap that paid special tribute to all of our beloved "first responders" by 50 Cent.
Of course, the big finish would have been “Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night”.
Jimi would have played a fiery solo over the pulsing synthetic groove of that last one. He would have been surrounded by painted up blonde girls wearing hot pants and go go boots. The girls would have danced over the top renditions of popular 60's steps that would have seemed quaint and adorable.

There would be a giant peace sign above the stage right below the Budweiser logo. Jimi would conclude with the Star Spangled Banner and there would be not a dry eye in the house...
(deep sigh)
We miss ya, Jimi. You could have been Mickey Mouse. {:8())-

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  • renee
    I love this band!!!!!

    I love this band!!!!!

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