9 Days Left!

With no illusions I implore you... That's quite a sentence isn't it? Nine days left. Nine days! Okay, so maybe for the sake of argument, you might say that I jumped into this thing a little too quickly. Maybe nobody actually cares if my music is growing and flourishing in new and interesting ways. Maybe I should not make assumptions about the willingness of fans of my former band to jump into this new project with yours truly, before they have had a chance to suss out what I may be currently up to musically. Maybe getting a little smacked around at the outset of my burgeoning solo career will only serve my musical development as an artist in ways that I am unable to fully appreciate at this point in my own creative development. Maybe I'm not such a great self promoter. Maybe I'm a little too snarky. Maybe my eyes are set a little too close together. Maybe, when I enter a room, I get the sense that people have been talking about me behind my back, as the last few snickers escape from their less than convincing poker faces and they guiltily utter, "Oh hi, Rick..." Maybe I wet my pants in the second grade and classmates all made fun of me and I have been searching for musical status and the acceptance of strangers, rather than fostering genuine connection in the here and now by looking within and loving myself for the child like sentient being that I am in connection with all that is and ever will be. May be all of that is true. 
Dude, I've got nine days left. Won't you join me on my journey? 


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