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Rick Fink was the founding member and singer for the mighty Gas House Gorillas. Now he’s blazing his own trail as a one man band. Bringing a mix of classic rock, punk energy and rootsy singer-songwriter vibes to his music, Rick has been creating a unique sound all his own, armed with only a suitcase drum, a guitar, and a voice that bears the stamp of both Freddy Mercury and Joey Ramone with a dash of 70’s McCartney to boot! This one man groove machine calls his music Suitcase Punk. With the ability to swing from crowd pleasing rock and roll rave up to quiet melodious finger picking introspection, Rick can fit any size room, big or small!  

Look out for Rick Fink live on the road at a venue near you, or book him at your own venue. He will not disappoint! 

Here we present the more acoustic side of Rick Fink 4 Real. A full blown One Man Suitcase Band  performance will usually feature a balance of both sides… the ROCK & ROLL Suitcase Punk side, as well as the quieter SINGER/SONGWRITER side.  

Nevertheless, there have sometimes been situations where we have been required to lean towards the acoustic side and this EPK represents our ability to entertain under those circumstances. 

Check out the videos below for examples of what an exclusively acoustic show featuring Rick Fink might feel like.  By the way…HOUSE CONCERTS ARE OUR JAM!  

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